The importance of being… prepared

13. May 2020 | Articles

In the sixth episode of the Quality Assurance Academy presents the HOW TO webinars, Kirsteen Daly, Accreditations, Rankings and Communication Manager, University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School shed more light onto the backstage of an accreditation visit – from planning and preparations to managing your staff.

When asked about the key things to always have in mind when preparing for a visit, Kirsteen didn’t need to think twice: it is crucial to make sure that the accreditation process is not a small side-project, but rather an endeavour firmly embedded within the school structure and as part of its strategy. Communication can do miracles as well – build your relationships and do not neglect your colleagues and management. Knowing your school and all the partakers will help you a great deal. Spreading the knowledge about accreditation and sharing the best practice will not only ensure that the message comes across properly, but you will secure for yourself all the help you can get. Because just in case you were wondering, you cannot pull this off on your own without the support of many internal stakeholder groups.

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