Who we are

Rima One was founded in 2003 and is committed to the development of software solutions for the financial sector, the petrochemical industry and for institutions of higher education.

In 2012, the launch of ACADEM marked a key milestone at RimaOne. This, then new, company’s products enable and support higher education institutions’ management of their faculty, research projects, and accreditation data in a smart and efficient way. As a result of using the ACADEM software, higher education institutions will have better data which provides the opportunity to make informed decisions as they seek to continuously improve the academic quality of their institutions.

After nearly 20 years of software development and implementation, we continue to create innovative solutions. In 2015, the AOL module was launched followed by several others, the latest one being PITCH ePortfolio. ACADEM is committed to continuously update existing solutions to provide our clients around the world with the latest technologies.


How do we do it?

Our company prides itself on the diversity among the group of professionals who develop our products with a total of ten nationalities represented. These exceptional teams, working out of Paris, Bordeaux and Frankfurt, reflect our client portfolio and work intensely to exceed their expectations and guarantee high quality standards.