The Assurance of Learning Module

The need to ensure and validate student learning outcomes and success has become pivotal in higher education quality assurance and is a vital part of many accreditation requirements, both at the national and international levels. One of the most prominent examples is AACSB’s Assurance of Learning (AoL) process as documented in AACSB standard 5.

assurance learningAssurance of Learning

Allows for all types of data collection from LG/LO, including curriculum mapping, as well as measurement collection and management.

An efficient solution that takes you through every step of the AoL process!

  • A single system that centralizes and standardizes all learning goals, learning objectives, and evaluation criteria.
  • The module can link all of the above to every course unit for all programs.
  • It documents the curriculum mapping for each program.

Never lose track of your AoL results again!

  • Generate automated assessment templates which can be sent for completion to faculty and administrative officials as needed.
  • You can also enter measurement results directly into the system.
  • Keep a full audit trail of all the information and preserve historical data.

Intuitive analysis for continuous improvement!

  • Create reports and graphs to analyze assessment information, including table 5-1.
  • Easily highlight changes in the measurement results over the previous AoL cycle.
  • Define and document required actions and timelines for AoL.
  • Allows program managers, academic directors and faculty to use the reports created as a tool to make informed decisions for the continuous improvement of learner success.
  • Provide comprehensive documentation to peer review teams.

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