The PITCH ePortfolio module

Employability has become a key factor in business education, and has turned into an important aspect of student recruitment, rankings and accreditations. The PITCH ePortfolio module provides a platform to strengthen the link between the student, the institution and the professional world.

eportfolio pitchPITCH ePortfolio

Certify all students’ learning goals and outcomes including transcripts, internships, and the diploma, all in a digital passport.

The institution:

  • Define the skills and competencies students acquire during the completion of any given program of study.
  • Provide support to students in the development of a career path.
  • Validate and certify all the students’ learning achievements.

The student:

  • Reviews progress made during the completion of any academic program.
  • Ability to request transcripts, references and certificates which can be uploaded to your ePortfolio.
  • Assess where your acquired skill set stands in comparison to the requirements of your potential dream job (s).

    The professional world:

    • Attain a list of all potential candidates for internships and professional positions.
    • Easily compare candidates based on the skills required for the position/internship by reviewing their ePortfolio for in-depth and certified information.
    • Connects you directly to the most promising candidates.

    The ePortfolio builder:

    • The ePortfolio builder is an easy-to-use tool that allows students to quickly generate ePortfolios without any IT knowledge.
    • Simply select the sections you would like to include, documents to be uploaded (e.g. transcripts or certificates), a color-scheme, and any other design elements to complete your ePortfolio.
    • Students can create as many ePortfolios as they desire in order to customize each version for different job or internship applications.

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