The Dynamic Collection module

Among the greatest concerns regarding data management for quality assurance are first, to obtain the necessary data from faculty members and secondly, to succeed in them using a faculty management system, especially adjunct members. While most faculty members appreciate being able to provide their data via an easy-to-use system, there are always some reluctant to do so.

adjunct facultyDynamic Collection

Automate the faculty data collection campaigns for a regularly updated CV.

It’s literally as easy as filling out a survey!

  • Streamlined data collection process that doesn’t even require a dedicated login for faculty.
  • Create campaigns to collect data via online-surveys that are sent automatically through a workflow to the targeted faculty.
  • A step-by-step process guides faculty members through data entry. It provides the ability to see their data already on file, add, change, or even delete any of it if necessary.

Stay in full control of what goes into the system!

  • A dedicated dashboard provides an overview of completion rates across all running campaigns.
  • Review faculty data that has been added, changed, or deleted before accepting the changes into the database.
  • Customize campaigns for different types of faculty members (e.g. full-time vs. adjunct), departments, and more. The campaigns can be run as often as needed (e.g. every semester, every year, when a peer review visit is due, etc.).

    Faculty hiring made more efficient!

    • Create a landing page in which candidates can upload their applications.
    • Review all applicants in the system to decide which candidates to invite for an interview.
    • Request further data from potential candidates through the system.
    • The successful candidates’ data will already have their data be in the system for the onboarding process.

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