Frequently Asked Questions

The decision-making process for a faculty management system can raise several questions along the way. We will answer the most common ones below:

Which accreditations are supported by ACADEM?

ACADEM Core currently supports accreditation by AACSB, EQUIS, EPAS, AMBA, ABET, and HCÉRES. Additionally, the ACADEM AOL module is a dedicated solution for AACSB’s Assurance of Learning process.

Are you missing an accreditation that’s important to you? Contact us to discuss how we can provide support to achieve the national or regional accreditations you seek.

How can I connect existing databases / repositories?

Integration in a higher education information system landscape is crucial to avoid “silo solutions”. ACADEM includes Web Services able to connect to any other system which supports it – such as your ERP, student management system or research repository. We also offer connectors specifically for repositories such as Orcid, Symplectic, DIVA, and others. Data can also be imported and exported via flat files.

How much does ACADEM cost?
The level of investment required for any given project is always important in the decision-making process. In this case, it depends on several criteria regarding faculty management systems, hence there isn’t just one answer. At the same time, it’s also important to consider the savings in time and resources when using a system like ACADEM. Please contact us for a customized proposal based on your institution’s goals.
Is ACADEM GDPR compliant?
As a European company, we are obliged to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), arguably one of the most comprehensive data protection regulations in the world. The high customizability of the ACADEM solution allows you to fully control where data is stored, who can access the data and much more, which totally supports meeting data protection regulations nationally, EU-wide, and worldwide.
Can ACADEM be customized?
Customization is one of the key strengths of the ACADEM solution. The system allows for:

  • Set up in any two languages – the most commonly used language is English, however, customers are using ACADEM also in German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese among other languages.
  • Any field in the ACADEM solution can be renamed, hidden, labeled mandatory, or as read-only.
  • You can add additional database fields to include all the information you require should the roughly 2,000 existing ones not be enough.
  • Countless options to create custom reports whether for internal reporting purposes, review talks, Department of Education, or your national accreditations.
How does ACADEM get implemented?

The success of a software project greatly depends on completing the correct implementation process. At ACADEM, our team supports yours throughout the implementation period. Here is how we do it:

  • A comprehensive methodology guide is provided for each module.
  • An experienced project manager will ensure you successfully implement any module or combination of.
  • Training sessions designed to empower your team to fully leverage our solution as well as gain independence in the use of the system.
  • The customer success team remains at your disposal after the implementation process is completed.
Do I have to purchase all ACADEM modules?
Our ACADEM solution includes various interconnected modules which can function as a standalone solution too. While the majority of our customers start their ACADEM journey using ACADEM Core. You can choose to start with any one of our modules. For example, start out with the AOL module and add additional modules at any time in the future as the need arises.
Can ACADEM be used by multiple faculties?
Yes! Whether you’re part of a single faculty or business school or part of a full-fledged university, whether you have a small or a large faculty, the ACADEM solution can be adopted easily across your institution. Our rights management allows you to restrict access to the data across faculties and within.
What happens when accreditation standards change?
ACADEM solution can always guarantee support for the latest accreditation standards based on its close relationship as a strategic partner of EFMD, and a sustaining business member of AACSB, as well as other accreditation bodies – all officially supported by our products. Updates to new standards will always be executed in liaison with our clients to avoid interference with any accreditation processes in place at any given time.
Is ACADEM available in languages other than English?
Yes! ACADEM can be set-up bilingually so that each user at an institution can decide for themselves which language they prefer using ACADEM in. Typically, one of the two languages is English, while the second language can be virtually any, including bidirectional languages such as Arabic and Chinese.

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