The Syllabus module

The management of module syllabi among the various stakeholders in your academic institution including module owners, program managers, and academic directors can result in an email jungle. Files named “v13_final_v2_com3_final” can end up appearing in your system if not managed properly.


Supervise syllabi from initial development until publication including ILOs (Intented Learning Outcomes) management and the publishing of course catalogs.

A systematic approach to Syllabus management!

  • Manage all syllabi across any program of study, from development to constant updates.
  • An integrated archiving system which allows for versions management.
  • Allows for various stakeholders such as program managers and module owners to simaltanously work on various aspects of the syllabi via a dedicated user management structure.

Everything you need in a Syllabus

  • Add the Learning Goals and Objectives, module descriptions and required reading lists corresponding to every syllabus.
  • Ability to list the course structure, guest lecturers and required resources too.
  • Also describe the assessment forms and attach applicable policies to each syllabus.
  • Manage teaching fees of faculty under contract by setting hourly rates and automatically receive the total amount.

    Share Syllabi seamlessly!

    • Completed syllabi can be published in different versions as individual PDF files for distribution among students and faculty.
    • Publish complete course catalogues on your school’s website or intranet.
    • Analyze syllabi data in real time and also publish pre-defined reports.

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