How to write an accreditation report

4. May 2020 | HOW TO webinar series, Webinars

Writing an accreditation report requires a high investment at the institution level whether the school is in the initial or reaccreditation cycle. Writing an accreditation report is an opportunity for a school to reflect and write about the school’s strategic development and its on-going quality improvement. It demands a rigorous collaborative process of data collection for supporting information and materials to include in the report and frequent communication with the various members of the school to develop the chapters. Writing an accreditation report a school must think of questions such as:

  • What is the story that the school wants to tell in the report?
  • What data is required to tell that story?

The process of writing an accreditation report will also enable the school to reflect on its strength and areas of improvement. It is a chance for a school to highlight its main achievements from the past years.

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About the speakers

Isabelle Fagnot is Associate Dean Quality & Accreditation and Professor of Management of Information Systems at KEDGE Business School. She received her Ph.D. (2011) from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Her research focuses on behavioral issues of managing Information Systems related to organizational security, quality assurance and the culture of the information profession. Isabelle’s research is regularly disseminated in journal publications, conference presentations and invited lectures. Isabelle has extensive experience in Quality Assurance – she has led initial and maintenance accreditation processes in Triple Crown schools.

Geralyn McClure Franklin (PhD, University of North Texas) is an innovative and experienced academic leader who served as dean or interim dean of business at four higher education institutions in the United States for 13 1/2 years and then as dean of the College of Business and Economics at the United Arab Emirates University for two years before retiring in June 2016. She personally has led successful AACSB International accreditation efforts, including one initial and two continuous improvement, and assisted with report preparation for several other accrediting bodies. Upon retirement, Dr. Franklin began consulting with universities and business schools globally as well as supporting several start-up ventures through her own start-up, GMF Academic Advisors, LLC. In July 2019, Dr. Franklin joined the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for a one-year appointment as interim dean of the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration. She is charged with preparing the college for its AACSB continuous improvement review in October 2020.


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