How to manage your staff and prepare for an accreditation visit

6. May 2020 | HOW TO webinar series, Webinars

In this webinar, Kirsteen will provide tips on the support to accreditation professionals in developing the various accreditation processes in preparing for an accreditation visit.  Topics covered will include: the use of project plans, scheduling the visit; looking after the peer review team and ensuring the preparation of documentation for the base room is appropriate; the use of comprehensive communication platforms to promote the visit within the School and to wider stakeholders; preparing and managing staff both academic and professional by using mock visit preparations; and overseeing the visit and ensuring a smooth journey for all stakeholders involved.

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About the speaker

Kirsteen Daly is a Higher Education professional with extensive Accreditation, Rankings, Communication and Learning and Teaching knowledge and expertise. Managerial experience in the implementation of strategies and policies to ensure business needs are delivered and enhanced. Responsible for project management of accreditation and ranking processes and improvements.  Contributing to the delivery of the strategic aims of an institution in maintaining triple accreditation and supporting the delivery and enhancement of the various rankings.


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